Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Art Form - Zentangles

A gal in one of the groups I'm in asked me the other day if I had heard of Zentangles.  I hadn't heard of the term but after surfing the web, I realized I had seen this style in another group but just didn't know what it was called.

After studying several examples and reading what I could find on it, I decided to give it a go.  Talk about fun and relaxing!!!!

Back years ago I used to do what I called "Kaleidoscope Cameos".  The idea was to draw out a shape and then with light pencil do a squiggly line creating segments.  Within those segments I would use different color watercolors and different techniques..........salt, water drops, glazing, etc.

Using that same concept and what Zentangles is all about, I worked one of my original watercolor lizards but used the various patterns instead within the segments.

Here are a few more with the mushrooms finished last night.


Rather than just working in a box making random shapes and patterns, I prefer to have some sort of subject to work on.

Now this is my idea of fun doodling :-))  Thank you Carol!!!!!


Melody said...

Great fun! I tried it a few times, though not in color, just b & W ~
I agree, having a subject is better, not so eye boggling as the endless patterns all running around! :))))

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Melody! I agree with you 100%

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