Sunday, November 17, 2013

Peace Lily - Dried up Flowers - Demo

Working with dried leaves with curls and shading, I found these dried up Peace Lily flowers to be a perfect specimen to practice the added bonus of the stamen.

Thought I would share the steps I took to create this journal entry :-))

Worked in a Moleskine Sketchbook......

First I did the initial pen and ink sketch using the Micron 01 Brown pen.  I used stippling for ink shading rather than hatch marks as to me it just looks better. 

Next I took the Inktense "Mustard" watercolor pencil and lightly went over the entire flower portion (stamen worked later).  Watercolor pencils are used dry without taking any water to them.

Once that was done, I began the shading process applying more pressure with this same pencil.

Then I took the Inktense "Willow" watercolor pencil darkening the shading I had already done with the previous pencil.

Once I was happy with the shading, I started working on the stamen (see illustration below).  Once that was completed, I looked over the overall tones and darkened my shading if necessary with the Willow and touched up here and there with the Micron along a few edges.

NOTE.............the stamen demo below shows me adding a blue shadow to the stamen.  That was purely for the illustration.  In the actual flower, my Willow Inktense pencil is all I used re-emphasizing a few "circles" or "Squigglies" along the edge with the Micron Pen.

Using the Uniball White gel pen, I dotted in the white pollen.  In a few areas I even added a dot here and there using the Micron 01 Brown, taking care not to over do it.

Final, I added shadow with the Derwent Blue Gray watercolor pencil.


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