Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Additional Pens to my Collection

Here is another page I just finished in my Stillman & Birn Beta I have dedicated to charts, materials and supplies.

The Pilot Parallel pen I picked up some time ago but was months before opening it.  I've played a little with it both writing and sketching and found the 1.5 nib fun to sketch with.

The newest pens are the Himalayan Red Konrad and the Coral Lamy Safari which is a special edition color.

This makes two Lamy Safaris now, each with a different nib size..........this new one is with a fine nib.  I like the EF I have in my original Lamy; however, it can be quite scratchy.  I like it though for shading in pen and ink due to the super fine lines it creates.

The new Konrad is slightly larger than the original Konrads of a year ago.  These acrylic pens come in a variety of really nice colors.  I love the pearl look to some of them.  With the Himalayan Red, I switched out the original #6 Flex nib with a Goulet Two-toned non-flex Fine nib.  I really like how it writes and moves on the paper when sketching.

I've tried to capture the colors as close as possible.  The coral was the most difficult and I couldn't begin to remember what pigments I used mixed together to finally reach what I did.

I am presently awaiting two more pens and I think I'll call it quits for awhile.  I'll not share what new ones are one their way just yet ;-)

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