Friday, December 26, 2014

New Pilot Namiki Falcon

My Christmas Gift to myself...................The Pilot Namiki Falcon Soft Fine Nib

What a gem of a pen!!!!  I first dipped the nib in ink just to test it before filling it up.  Wrote beautifully just dipping the nib.  Then filled the included converter with Noodler's Black ink.

I used the Falcon for the basic shapes of the pen parts but used my Lamy Safari EF nib for the shading.  I wanted the EF so I could slowly build up the black color of the pen because it's a bit of a dryer feed plus definitely finer lines.

I finished the black off with the Falcon.

Using the barrel part, I scanned along the way to show how I built up the body color.

Strathmore Soft Cover Ivory sketchbook

I tried to replicate the exact lighting effects on the parts with only the nib/feed and converter portion showing a definite light line.
Looking a llittle flat, I decided to add more light in the other two parts of the pen using a charcoal white pencil and a little water based marker pen.  I'm not sure which I like best but at least I have a scan of before and after.  I can always go back over and darken those light lines if I find I really don't like it.

Although I could have anchored by adding shadows, I just didn't feel like messing with them.

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