Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bringing in the New Year 2015

Hope everyone had a Happy and Safe New Year's Eve and good start to the New Year!!!

We spent ours basically like any other day as we really don't get into celebrating.  We definitely stay off the roads with so many out partying and a few not being real responsible about it.

Between trying to keep the dogs calmed with fireworks blasting next door, and vacuuming trying to muffle some of the noise, I managed to work a little in my journal and watch TV as we waited for midnight to send texts to our family wishing them a Happy New Year.

Close to midnight Travis called and he and Neal were passing through Salt Lake City.........Travis driving and Neal sleeping until his turn to drive.  Travis and I talked for about an hour using speaker and headphones with him driving and me sketching.

These are the first sketches of 2015.  Nothing elaborate but was relaxing and fun as I continue playing with the various pens I now own.

All three sketches were done in the Daler Rowney sketchbook I'm trying to finish.  I have 3 pages front and back left and the poor book is falling apart.  Every time I open the sketchbook, glue cracks and scatters everywhere.  I'm waiting for the signatures to fall out as well. I've been working in this sketchbook off and on now since July 2010.  I guess that is what happens when you have a dozen or more sketchbooks going all at the same time.  :-)

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