Friday, January 9, 2015

Snowing Seeds in Florida

Back home it's been snowing and I'm feeling a bit envious and definitely home sick.  I miss the crisp fresh air of cold temperatures and the white blanket of snow that made the hill where we lived a winter wonderland only disturbed by the wildlife around us. 

Here in Florida the temperature did drop with near freezing temps last night.and chilly weather through the day but it's definitely not in the forecast to last.  It was also very breezy with these seeds, like snow flakes, flying and dropping to the ground.  It was almost like Mother Nature trying to lift my spirits in the best way possible for the sub tropics. :-)

Terry brought in several of these seeds for me to study and sketch.  Weeks ago they were an orange papery pod like structure or flower that I sketched at that time.  These are from the Golden Rain Tree in the front and also in our neighbor's yard.

I chose to use the Lamy Safari with the EF nib because these seed/pods are papery thin and I didn't want a heavy line or harsh look to them a thicker nib would produce.  Worked in the and QoR watercolors used to finish off the page.

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