Sunday, January 4, 2015

To Loosen Up

I'm finding myself tensing up again trying to get my illustrations and sketches just so so.  The fear in doing that is feeling pressure I place on myself and losing the desire to do anything.  So to help myself out, I decided to work a couple of quick loose sketches without any planning or a lot of thought going into it. 

This first one I randomly chose a photo from a kayak outing a month or so ago.  I jumped right in with paint and brush putting in general areas and shapes of color.  Then I went in, again loosely without a lot of thought, with pen and ink to define the subjects.

This one is from a photo taken before we left Fairmont, WV of a portion of a Church downtown.  Again, I tried not to allow myself to think grabbing a pen and quickly putting on paper what I saw without worrying about perspective or getting everything exact.

To do quick sketches like this is rather liberating and refreshing. :-)

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