Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sketching People in Motion

This is a little (and I do mean little) sketch done in a 3 x 4" journal that was sent to me as a gift from a very dear friend living in the UK. 

The exercise was trying my hand at quickly sketching people who are in motion after viewing an online course I'm taking through Craftsy...............Sketching People in Motion by Marc Taro Holmes.

I was really impressed by the video instruction presented by Mr. Holmes.  A great source of information to go along with a book I have by him called The Urban Sketcher - Techniques for Seeing and Drawing on Location. 

Although the techniques are shared to help capture people in motion, one can use the information learned for anything they might want to sketch..........including from photos.

I probably should have tried this in a different journal better suited for wet media, but I tend to try and make any paper work.  This was a bit of a challenge but I think it worked out just fine.  :-)

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