Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Little Sketch for my Granddaughter

Last night I was a bit down after my family left from their second visit and I decided to work this little sketch for my eldest granddaughter, Madison.  It's her favorite of all the beanie babies I and my youngest son collected years ago.

Sketching this helped raise my spirits and relaxed my mind so I could finally go to sleep.

Normally I grab for my trusty mechanical pencil but wanted to use something different.  I have all these different sketching/drawing pencils and yet I tend to grab for the same thing.  It was fun working with a thicker softer lead and one I could use on it's side.

While using this pencil, I actually focused on the feel and the sound of the graphite moving on the paper surface.  :-)

Worked in the Zeta sketchbook with a 6B Mars pencil


Jules Woolford said...

Lovely Susan, I'm so glad that your sketching is helping so you through this difficult time.x

Susan Bronsak said...

Some days yes and some days no but things seem to be improving :-) Thank you!

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