Friday, July 24, 2015

New Toy - Darsie Beck Field Easel Art Bag

One who believes things happen for a reason, this is one little occurrence that has proven to be one of those times and a positive one for sure.

I missed out on the Nomad Kickstarter bag and waited for many months to be notified if or when new Nomads were being offered for sale.  During that wait time, an art friend had one she was wanting to sell and I could kick myself in the backside for not jumping on it.........or so I thought soon after I declined.  I hesitated only because at the time I had to watch my funds rather closely and it was just one of those iffy situations that made me pass on it.

THEN, weeks later, I received the notification about 85 Nomads going up for sale and would receive an email when it was available to purchase.  I knew the day and time to expect the email and as soon as I received the notification, I jumped online to order only to find it was already out of stock.

That started me on a mission to try and find something else that 'might' come close to what I liked most about the Nomad..........the ability to have an easel platform while standing in order to hold my journal taking some of the pressure off my arm/hand while working.  With all the Urban Sketchers out there, surely someone had come up with something similar I would like.

Sure enough, my search ended with me finding the Darsie Beck Field Easel Art Bag.

It is a bit smaller than the Nomad, which for me is a better choice.  I really didn't want anything big and bulky or weighing a lot especially after full of art materials.

It was more affordable compared to the increase in price with the Nomad.

Delivery was super fast being it is made in the USA; and, I had a choice in color which I also liked.

I love how light the bag is too by itself and even after adding what I plan to take out with me.........a major positive.

Do check out the link above and watch the video he has included to share how it works.  Here are my own photos of what I received.

Front of Bag.  The zipper compartment in front has a plastic sheet (colored plexiglass I think) cut to size of the pocket to act as a stabilizer for the easel platform shown later.

The front flap is secured while carrying with a push button like clasp.  You open it up and find another zipper compartment and two mesh pockets.  There are also two sewn velcro strips that are used for the easel (shown in a few).

The back of the bag has this large pocket.

Inside the bag you will find a piece of plexiglass with velcro on top and bottom and a pouch that has the two front pockets, one behind the two and yet another on full size of the pouch on which is a piece of velcro attached.

The plexiglass with the velcro pieces on either end is your brace to attach as you see in the next photo to the velcro pieces shown in photo 2 above.

Easel platform created with the plexiglass attached under the front flap.  This is what I was mainly hoping for in a field bag.

Next is the pouch with the velcro on the back.  It attaches to the shoulder strap resting on one side of your chest while working for easy access.

Main compartment inside has a padded pocked (left in the picture if you can make it out) and two other pockets off that one.

On one side is another zippered pocket that opens up to a mesh pouch you can place a water bottle in.

And the other side has three pen/pencil pouches

BTW.........The rings you see on the zippers are ones I put on to make it easier for me to grasp.........they did not come with the bag.

Can't wait to get out and use it!!!  Might help me out of this funk I'm in right now.


Jules Woolford said...

It looks wonderful! Hope it inspires you.

Susan Bronsak said...

Thanks Jules <3. Hope something does soon. Think I'm regaining a little of my lost mojo :-)

Lee Ann Donaldson said...

Do you happen to know what it's made of? I can't seem to find information regarding the fabric.

Susan Bronsak said...

Hi Lee Ann.............we found a little tag inside that says 100% Nylon. To me the outside is like a heavy duty almost canvas like material whereas the inside is similar to what you find inside of diaper bags (art of which feels slightly padded). It might be all Nylon but the outside feels and looks different from the inside. Definitely durable. Hope that helps.

Lee Ann Donaldson said...

Thanks so much, Susan. Mine should be here next week...sage green. I really appreciate your reviews. They gave me lots of ideas! I still have my eye on the Etchr Art Satchel...but it almost looks like more than I can handle. I may revisit the Satchel idea at a later date. But presently, I think maybe the Field Easel Bag will work just perfectly for what I need. I'm excited to find out.

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