Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 15, 2015 Virtual Sketch Crawl

There are groups of people across the globe who physically get together in what are called sketchcrawls.  They meet up somewhere walking around and sketching what they see and experience.  For many people, they don't have this luxury often because of where they live and/or not knowing others who enjoy this type of get together.

Cathy Johnson holds an event each third Saturday of the month pulling people together in what's called a Virtual Sketchcrawl.  Individuals, small groups, and even larger groups from all over, utilize this third Saturday to go out sketching and then come together to share their day out in Cathy's Artists Journal Workshop group under Facebook.  A way for all of us to come together as if we actually met up in one huge group.

This is what I did for yesterday's sketchcrawl.  I've missed out on the last couple of months but managed to participate this month.  This little building stands at the entrance to a shopping mall area in The Villages / Lady Lake area in Florida.  I left the lettering off the building as I just wanted to keep the sketch simple.

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