Friday, August 7, 2015

Market Square Lake Shore Dr Florida

Years ago all I used to be interested in was, plants, wildlife, and landscapes without any man made structures.  It seems my interests have shifted or expanded through the years and now I find it not only challenging but enjoyable to include buildings and other architectural structures.

This is located in the center of the Market Square off Lake Shore Dr and Sumter Lake.

Worked in the Strathmore Visual Journal, QoR watercolors, and Micron 005.

A large waterbrush was used to paint this piece.  I'm finding lately I want to grab for these brushes rather than a standard paint brush.  It just seems I have better control and love the sharp point these brushes return to.  Out of all the waterbrushes I've tried, my all time favorite is the Pentel (blue barrel that body has a flat area to keep from rolling off the desk).


Lois said...

very nice sketch

Susan Bronsak said...

I really appreciate your comments.........thank you :-)

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