Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Another Quick Bird Sketch

This one I think I achieved a sketchier look than the one I posted last night.  Often I feel my birds are too stiff looking.  I'm hoping by working quickly using methods like Marc Holmes will help me loosen things up.

I notice that although I'm holding my pen further down the barrel, I still have quite a grip on it.  I don't want my results looking like they've been micro-controlled but instead spontaneously rendered.  I want those wiggly/wobby, broken up/uneven wonky lines with these exercises.  Not there by any means.......not yet :-)

The one plus is that I'm not laboring over these pages.........I AM speeding up.  I need that if I have hopes of sketching birds out on location (or any moving subject for that matter).

I forgot to scan between pencil / pen and ink / and watercolor.  I didn't erase anything this time on the bird before applying pen and ink but instead cleaned it up (only a little) after paint was applied and dried.  Some of the graphite shows under the watercolor and for this subject, I like that.

This too is from a photo I took last year while checking out Venetian Gardens.

Handbook; Pilot Falcon with Lexy Grey ink; QoR watercolors

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