Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bird Sketching Inspired by Marc Taro Holmes

Today a video came in that I ordered on Urban Sketching - Drawing Birds, by Marc Taro Holmes.  Although the concept is quick sketching out in the field, I tried to take what I picked up from the video using a photograph I took last year in September.

Initial concept is trying to see the silhouette or outline of the bird as quickly as possible, making loose marks on paper using pencil first.  Then going back with pen and ink followed by loose washes of color.

I started this out with a large circle for the body and worked from that putting in head, beak, legs and areas to depict feathers.

When I went over with pen and ink, I used a Pilot Falcon holding it further back on the barrel than I normally would.  Again trying to keep things loose.  I tend to be a control freak when it comes to putting in my line work and I really would like to become a bit more "sketchy" with my results.  I have some work ahead of me ...... lots of practice but I felt fairly good with this attempt.  :-)

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