Monday, November 16, 2015

A Few Ornaments in Ballpoint Pen

Another page worked in the handbook journal.  Two different pens were used.

The two on the right were sketched using the cheap ballpoint I received as a promotional gift in an order.  The Santa was sketched using the Zebra 302.

I have these little guys on two different tabletop trees.  One tree is about 2.5 foot tall that sits on an electric rotating base.  As it turns, the legs on these miniature ornaments move.  I also have these ornaments on a 1 foot tree that came in a ceramic pot.

This year I have five trees total being set up.  All are smaller trees you can set on furniture to include an 18" palm all decked out with lights and ornaments.  The biggest tree we have is a 5 ft tree we just picked up from Hobby Lobby.

Most of my ornaments are handmade with a few store bought (like these) I've started using.  :-)

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