Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Exercise Following Frank Lohan

One of my favorite pen and ink artists is Frank Lohan.  I pulled out his book, Drawing Florida Wildlife, and worked one of his exercises (actually two combined somewhat) on landscapes found in Florida.

The landscape reminds me of a canal we go kayaking and fishing in not too far from where we live.

This was a lot of fun...especially considering I love the scribble or squiggly pen and ink technique.  Perfect subject for practicing that.

With this one I decided to use a ballpoint pen - medium.  It's one I received for free in a mail order purchase and love it!!  It doesn't blob up like some ballpoints do.


SusanA said...

Lovely sketch, Susan. I'll have to check out Frank Lohan. I'm not a fan of cross-hatching--well, I like it in other people's sketches, just not my own. But I think I might like to try the squiggly scribbles. They look great in your landscape.

larry said...

Great sketches, Susan. I didn't know you were interested in ballpoints. Lots of folks like the cheap stick pens but I never find them fine enough but after buying one of everything I've found that the Zebra 401, 402, and 701 ballpoints are absolutely wonderful (cheap too). They all use the came cartridge and they're fine and never blob. I buy the 401s at the dollar store in a two-pack for $2. The 701 feels a bit better in the hand as it's a wee bit heavier. Here in Canada they're about $6 from Staples. --- Larry

Susan Bronsak said...

SusanA...........I always tend to like other peoples' hatching and cross hatching work better than my own. I just figure maybe the more I practice, the better chance I might one day actually like my own :-) Thank you so much for your comment!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thanks Larry!!!! After reading this, I just had to try one of the pens you suggested. I bought the F-302 and gave it a try another post I just completed.

I used to write with Zebra pens way back when. In fact they were the only ones I would use. I think it was the original 301?? Anyways........that's back before I even considered sketching with pen and ink.

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