Friday, November 13, 2015

Trying a Different Ballpoint Pen

After a very good friend suggested I try a Zebra ballpoint pen (thank you, Larry), I picked up one of the Zebra F-302 pens to give it a try.  This was worked in the Handbook journal, which I believe is a mixed media paper surface.

I found the pen was smooth when writing and was nice to sketch with......although it did blob on me a several times and I had to wipe it on a piece of paper towel once I realized the ink was gathering around the point as I sketched.

I wonder if due to the type paper surface or if this might happen even on a smoother surface.   Maybe it's the way I hold the pen as I tend to sketch with the point somewhat on it's side.  Maybe it's because it's a fine point.  I really don't know and will need to play some more on different paper surfaces.

One place in particular it's noticeable is to your right as you look at this on the second protrusion of the antler.  The side of my hand also picked it up and transferred it to the center of that antler as well.  There are a few other spots but squiggly marks helped hide a couple of them and the hair hid a couple :-)

Finished the page off with a little watercolor using a water brush and my mixed brand palette I customized from a Neocolor II metal tin.  I love this tin and find it's my #1 favorite palette.


larry said...

Your sketch, as always, is amazing. I'm sorry to hear that your Zebra blobbed. It's about the only pen I've used that doesn't :-) I have found that the Space Pen refills (which will fit in any twist pen) seem blob-resistant but their black is more gray, which can be good or bad.

I think you're onto something with the thought that holding a ballpoint at a shallow angle can cause blobbing, particularly on paper that's not really smooth. Ink accumulates around the edges of the ball and can be rubbed off. I'm told that really serious ballpoint sketchers always have a tissue in the other hand and wipe off the tips regularly. --- Larry

Susan Bronsak said...

Thanks, Larry. I tried again watching that I hold the pen in a more traditional fashion and even writing with it I had to wipe the point as it would blob. Now I'm wondering if it's the paper surface more than how I hold the pen. I still need to try the 302 on a different paper surface to really know. Maybe it's just my luck...........LOL.

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