Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lamantin Beach Pen and Ink Sketch

I have a very dear friend of 12 years whom I met through PaintDoodles forum.  Hany travels quite a bit for his job and shares his adventures and photos with me, as well as his sketches, drawings, and paintings.

Often with his photos and stories behind them, I'll feel intrigued to sketch from them (with his Blessings) and this is one.

The photo shows a lot more but this is what stood out to me.  It's a guard house or guard like structure along the beach a guard will stand in.  That part in the foreground is a straw umbrella that had blown over evidently during a storm.  In other photos they show many more blown over or snapped at the poles.

PaperBlank journal and Platinum Carbon Desk pen.

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