Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Orchid in Graphite

This is a graphite drawing of an orchid plant I've managed to keep alive for almost two years.  A couple of the leaves are becoming soft and wilting causing a bit of concern but I'm thrilled it's lasted this long.  Not only is it still alive but has bloomed three times for me (which includes the blooming when I purchased it).  When purchased, it had two stalks with flowers but reblooms have only been on one stalk.

Worked in a Strathmore Visual Journal with Bristol paper using a Staedtler Mars mechanical pencil with 2mm - 4B lead.  Love this pencil and love this 4B lead.  On the Bristol paper, it just seems to glide across the surface.  Blending with a tortillon is so much fun for me.  I love how a kneaded eraser can easily lift highlights.  Graphite is definitely one of my top favorite mediums to work with.

1 comment:

SusanA said...

This is beautiful, Susan. I haven't done much drawing with graphite, but when I have, I've found it very meditative.

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