Thursday, July 21, 2016

Blue Heron on the Dead River

Today I decided to bring out my Noodler's Creaper flex pen and work this sketch of a Blue Heron along the Dead River.

Working with this flex pen was a reminder it's one of my least favorite pens.  I've really tried to like it but it has a wetter feed than what I really like to work with (and that's without trying to flex the nib).  Using the same ink I normally use (Lexington Grey), it didn't dry very quickly on the paper and I would end up picking up ink on the side of my hand and transferring it back onto the paper as I sketched.  That for me is a frustrating aspect of some fountain pens, nibs, and ink.

Even with that bit of frustration, I still managed to finish this watercolor sketch.  Worked in the Strathmore Visual Watercolor journal.

NOTE:  Same paper I use the same ink with other pens and don't always have this problem with slow drying ink.


Ginny Stiles said...

Remind me where is the Dead River?

Despite the pen issues, I liked the sketch.
But won't be buying one of those pens!!!
I did get another fountain pen but have for the moment forgotten what kind.
It is a long thin one that you can use on a desk. Very fine point.
Still playing with it.
Am in wc class this weekend. See my blog.

Susan Bronsak said...

Sorry Ginny.........I'm just now seeing this comment. I've been a bit lax of late with art and everything.

The Dead River is off Lake Eustis there going into Tavares.

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