Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Line and Wash - Another Type of Survivor

Our neighbor gave us a cutting from his desert rose plant he's had for some time.  The mother plant is over 30 years old but not looking so good.  He had taken cuttings off the mother plant and replanted which is growing beautifully and loaded with flowers.......white in center with a red edging.

The cutting given to us is a V shape with two stalks.  Not knowing if the stalks will "balloon" out at the base or not, I ordered another via an online nursery.  This particular desert rose should be opposite with mainly red flowers edged in white.

The order came quickly but was horrified at the shape of the box when it arrived.  It was crushed in on one side with the rest of the box bent and corners crumpled and the box had also torn open from the damage.  It was either crushed by other packages or someone could have actually stepped on it.  All I know is the package was mishandled and I was horribly disappointed.

We opened the box fearing the worse.  Fortunately the plant was intact but leaves were mashed up against the base or body of the plant.  A couple of the leaves were broken and fell off.  Dirt spilled out everywhere as we unpacked the plant.

Well so far, it seems to be hanging in there.  The remaining leaves are slowly perking up.  Now if I can just keep it alive.

Strathmore Visual Journal - Bristol paper and Falcon with Lexy Gray ink.

Side note:  The perspective on that pot is WAY off............LOL  Those who know me understand that perspective and I don't quite connect.  :-)


Annie said...

What a blessing they are both doing well!

Ginny Stiles said...

Love the plant and am reminded again that sketching is for anywhere.
Hope the little guy makes it.

I used the Strathmore Visual Journals with bristol paper too.
Is "Falcon" a kind of pen? I should go to your blog post about pens.
could you send me that link?

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Annie :-) Much appreciated!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Ginny :-)

Falcon is the Pilot Falcon fountain pen. Links to pen or links to posts about my pen?

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