Saturday, September 10, 2016

Playing with Ink and Wash

It's been awhile since I played with my water soluble inks so I grabbed two of my pens that have different inks and worked these three quick wash sketches.

All worked in the

First is using the Rotring Art Pen with a "F" nib.  As noted on the page, I had forgotten just how potent this ink is when water applied.  Normally I would use a flat brush as I can better control the wash but I was working with a waterbrush with these sketches.  Maybe using a smaller tipped waterbrush might have helped.

These next two pages is using one of my Pilot Prera fountain pens and Namiki Black ink.  It's much more subtle and easier to control.

**I screwed up with the placement of the back support beams......ooops**  :-)


Ginny Stiles said...

The only ink I really have that would do "something similar" is my Tombow pen but it's it is not a fountain pen and the nib is really pretty thick. But it really is "lovely" to blend and do what you are doing. Plus you can also use browns.
I have never heard of the Namiki ink. Can it be used in Lamy pen? I also bought another fountain pen and now I have lost the box and don't remember what it is called. I think I can go back and find the order. It comes with a very fine nib and I'd love to try a water-soluble ink in it.

Susan Bronsak said...

Tombow pens were my first experience with water soluble ink. I have some sketches where the black actually splits into blues and mauve tones when washed out. Really neat effect.

Namiki Black is by Pilot and you can get it in cartridges or bottled ink. I use that ink in any of my fountain pens with no problem. Pretty sure I bought my bottled ink through Goulet Pens online.

Ginny Stiles said...

Thanks Susan…I'll keep this info my my sketchbook.
I can't order anything right now as I am in the midst of making the transition between north and south and I don't want things to bounce. After I get back in October I am in full swing again.

Ginny Stiles said...

PS…am thrilled that I am on your "blogs I follow".

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