Monday, March 14, 2011

75 Day Sketch Challenge - Days 30 and 31

It's been a bit difficult doing this on a regular basis and consecutive days.  Finally I've managed to do some sketching yesterday and today.  Not to the level I'd like but at least it's something.

Day 30

One of the few things I still do together with my youngest son (who's 23) and my husband is play Pokemon when the new games come out.  This year it's Black and White with the guys playing the Black version and I'm playing the White. 

Working on our DS Lite consoles, we are on our own but it's nice working together with the same goals.  Often I ask for ideas of what the others might do in certain situations or what they might choose with regards to moves.  Each of us reach the various levels at different times normally with my son getting way ahead of us and beating the game long before we get close to it.  And so that he's still playing along with us, he's been known to start over again using a different line-up of pokemon on his team.

One of few role playing games I'll actually sit and play.  It's not stressful and I don't get easily frustrated while playing as I might with other games.  I like getting my DS Lite out when I'm not up to doing other things.  It's a nice diversion from the norm......a filler when I'm not up to doing anything with art or in a creative mindset, and something I can do anywhere.

Day 31

This entire past weekend I've been glued to the computer screen watching the live eagle cam set up at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  The first eaglet was born Sunday morning and what a treat it was to experience that and the baby's first feeding hours later.  Nothing like I've ever experienced before. 

It was one of those "I don't feel like doing anything" weekends so watching the eagle was really nice and relaxing.....not to mention heart-warming!

Because of the eagle cam, I've come to learn about the Botanical Gardens.  We plan to make a trip there (7 hours away from us) sometime this year.  Looks like an absolute beautiful place!!!  Hopefully Next month we can sneak away for a weekend to visit this place.

Right now at the gardens, several things are in bloom, which includes a Saucer Magnolia.  This is where I came up with doing the magnolia bud for today's sketch.

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