Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Doodling with Ink and Wash

Been awhile since I've done any of these.  Decided I wanted to try out the brown Tombow marker pen for a change.  It doesn't bleed quite like the Black does but I still like the results.

These are just quick loose doodles, which I find to be quite relaxing and fun to do....provided I do so on this paper.  I find using lined tablet paper helps me work loose and spontaneous.  It's actually a mind game for me considering I can be quite a perfectionist which often results in over-working.    Should I use good paper, my brain says I have to take greater care often spending too much time with minute detail and over-working a piece.   This is my personal solution in freeing me from that tendency :-)

Not all lined tablet paper reacts the same.  I find I like the Staples brand best.  Something to do with the thickness of paper and the finish (at least working with the Tombow Dual Marker Brushes).  Once I have at least 50 to 100 completed sheets, I bind the pages into a notebook.  I have my granddaughters wanting to do the same - saving their individual art pieces they've created on paper and grandma binding later when there are enough pages to put together for them.


Jessica Smith said...

awesome sketches, great job! please follow my blog! thanks :)

Jessica Smith said...


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