Friday, March 30, 2012

Feeding the Squirrels

It is amazing to watch squirrels as they jump from tree to tree and scurry up and down the side of tree trunks.  We have many and it's a site we've not seen too much of until we moved into this house.

With the bird feeders, we've had a few problems with squirrel raiding the seed and damaging the bird feeders.  So next step was to purchase baffles which so far has helped.....well not at first with one of the feeding stations.  That one sits out a couple feet from two trees and I watched with amazement as one squirrel went out on a branch making it lower and then jumping onto the flat feeder.  Needless to say we removed those branches that could be used as a bridge for easy access.  So far no further issues.

But loving to watch the squirrels, we decided to put out special squirrel feeders.  We found one out back loosely attached to a tree stump so Terry did a little repair and moved it to the front yard where we could sit and watch from our windows (rooms we live in most) and from the front porch.

Not satisfied with one feeder, Terry took scrap 1x4 pieces of wood and built two of his own as shown on the right page.  He'd seen a single seat and table variation and decided to make them with two seats.  Basically for looks and our enjoyment because squirrel are territorial and don't share.  I can't imagine ever seeing two sitting across from one another :-)  He has one sitting in the back yard on top of a cut down tree that stands about six feet high.  No signs of squirrel eating the corn........probably because our dogs frequently go out back.


Africa in watercolours said...

I love this, Susan. Enjoyed the story too.

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Rentia :-) I'm truly having fun with this.

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