Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scarlet Elf Cup - Page 2

I've been so intrigued by this fungus that I wanted to paint some more - showing the various shapes I stumbled across when I was clearing the path of wood and rock.

These fungi and branches were buried under leaves keeping them moist and hidden from the sunlight.  They were a brilliant red color.  Some had bits and pieces of leaves and bark sticking to them or resting inside the cups.

This is a continuation on the right page of my journal book.  Everything is the same as the last one except that I didn't mix the New Gamboge with the red pigment but instead glazed at the end to give the red some added life.

Now.........had I planned, I could have made the two pages work together as a 2-page spread.  Unfortunately and my norm........I didn't think about that but instead just dived in painting.

Here is the two pages together.  Had I actually planned the two pages together, I should have had the branch on left pointed in towards the right page.  That to me would have made the two pages flow better together.  Oh well......live and learn!  

As I look at this, I could have added a little splattering just to make it look more interesting.  Of course I can still add that at any point if I choose.

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