Friday, March 9, 2012

Very Little Green at Present

Looking all around I see a lot of gray and a lot of brown.  On several trees are whitish-green patches going up the trunk.  Not sure if that's the actual make-up of the tree or if it's a type of mold or lichen.  Amongst all this drab color stands out lush green moss growing on the base of some trees and on fallen trees and a few rock.  At this point, any green is a welcomed sight.  :-)

As noted on the painted example, we do have two spruce trees that look like Christmas trees that were purchased live and planted after the holiday.  There's also a couple of cedar up next to the house.  And off a bit into the woods is a lonely holly tree.  Really stands out considering nothing else in the woods is green.  I'm so used to living where there are abundant pines and cedars but not here on top of this hill.

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