Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beach Treasure - Sharks Teeth

One of the "treasures" we seek out when at the beach are sharks teeth. 

A couple years ago my brother and his family went with us to Sarasota, FL.  Out of all the beaches I've ever been too, I was totally amazed at how clear the water was on the gulf side (at least where we were staying)!!!  You could walk out far with water only reaching your knees or slightly above and you could see your toes!!

While on this trip, we spent a day at Busch Gardens, Safari.........went on a nature cruise........and spent a day at Venice Beach known for finding sharks teeth.  Venice Beach was typical of ocean water I'm used to on the Atlantic side where you can't see the bottom.  Not sure why.  Anyways, we had a blast all places but we definitely had a lot of fun "panning" or "mining" for teeth.

Mini Handbook
#8 Round


Elizabeth Smith said...

I love this page! Or perhaps it's because I pulled out a fossil shark tooth recently for a post...Actually, I'm always partial to these rich earth colors which happens when different minerals replace the original bone. Your composition is wonderful - so varied in shape and color! Venice Beach is amazing and a lot of family fun; I hope you didn't get too sunburned!.

Susan Bronsak said...

Elizabeth.......thank you so much for your comment. Placement was kind of hap-hazard starting with the largest tooth. Think I just got lucky with this one with composition because in all honesty I didn't really plan anything. I just knew I wanted various shapes to keep it interesting.

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