Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fear of Diving In

Many people find themselves hesitant in starting a painting.........sitting there staring at the white paper.  It can be even more daunting when working with a new sketch/journal book.  One gets a new book anticipating their new journey recordings and then freeze when they open to the first page. 

For me it's not always just the first page.  Depending upon my mood, any new page might seem a bit intimidating taking brush to paper.  I expect a lot from myself to include when I'm practicing.  Our sketchbooks/journal books are supposed to be personal..........a place where we can feel free of fear and play......experiment.  A place where we can make mistakes and not fret from it.  A resource of experiences and experiments to especially include learning from our mistakes.

With a journal book I think I'm more skittish knowing the book is bound making it difficult to trash something I might not like.................whereas a piece of paper can be trashed and I can just start over without the reminder I painted a less-than-desirable.

It seems to be struggle I deal with from time to time even knowing that it's OK to goof up because it helps us learn.  It definitely goes without saying that we are our own worst enemies and critics and our emotions often dictate our actions over our logical thinking.

But getting back to staring at the white fresh new page in the new journal book (or any fresh page for that of the things I find helps me dive in is choosing a simple shape and playing with color.  Color charts that use creative shapes rather than squares and rectangles.


Sandy Sandy said...

Your "Color charts that use creative shapes rather than squares and rectangles" are AWESOME and inspiring, Susan! It's great to see you so productive and inspired! I like spiral bound sketch pads for just that reason . . . I know that I can really play and be wild, because if it's really really bad, it is ripped up and forgotten about (which feels pretty good sometimes).
And thanks for the pep talk. I needed it! :-D

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Sandy. Now if I can just keep it up. I do go through spurts. Maybe I should do more of these more often :-)

As for pep talk - you're welcome.......I'm passing along the same I've received a time or two ;-)

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