Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another Beach Scene - Pelican

This one I decided not to do a pen and ink so instead used pencil to lightly draw my pelican.  Then proceeded with painting.

Although I used pencil, I'm proud of myself because I didn't do any erasing to correct.  I almost ran out of paper surface though in judging height but managed to just barely fit him in without cutting off his legs. 

The Handbook sketchbook

#8 Round, 1/2" Flat, and the Terry Harrison Golden Wizard brush

Colors:  DS - RS, BS, New Gamb, Col Blue, Fum, Cer Blue, and Quin Rose.  The black is Indigo.

Looks like he's singing and dancing.

Uh ohhhh..........I just took notice to a big horizon line is smack dab center splitting my painting in two equal halves ............ for shame!!!!  :-D


Sandy Sandy said...

Love these new shore pieces, Susan. True, you did split the paper in half, but your center of interest is right where it needs to be! Nice paintings!

Joyce at Calico Paint said...

I wouldn't have noticed the horizontal split . Actually, it seems to balance with the vertical line made by the book center. The bird pose is amusing. Love it!

Beads2yarn said...

This is Wonderful!!!. I love your pelican, what a happy pose you have him in. Ditto Joyce's comment about horizontal split.. I didn't notice either, because the picture is so great..

Susan Bronsak said...

Sandy, Joyce, and Pam.........thank you each. I'm relieved to hear that goof doesn't take away from the overall feel and scene. I can't help smile when I see this guy. It wasn't my intention to make him look like he was dancing. I guess it just happened with the placement of that one

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