Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chimney Pots - UK

Here's another 2-page spread of just a sampling of chimney pots one would see in the UK/England.

Haven't really paid much attention to the colors I'm using..........basically the same as I normally do. 

#8 Round, 1" and 1/2" Flat

Noodler's Flex pen - Black Ink

The Handbook sketchbook


Melody said...

OOooo, chimney pots, delightful! I LOVE England, only been once in 1998. Would so like to go back one day... Soooo much good stuff to take pictures of there. Of course at the time I had only a manual 35mm film camera, so I had to control myself to not run out of film too soon! :)))

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you!!!! Yeah.......I love the many shapes and sizes there. I have this one photo where up high looking down and all you see are tops of buildings and loads of chimney pots. Hopefully you'll get a chance to return with a digital and take all sorts of photos without worries of film. :-))

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