Saturday, July 28, 2012

Daniel Smith vs W&Newton - Blues

I've done a comparison with my most used blues.  Here are the results:

I have noted about the Indigo DS having a violet undertone vs the W&N Indigo.  This was really apparent with the pools of color drying on my palette (table).  A big difference whereas you don't quite see it in the same way on paper.  My table has dimples and little bumps so maybe that's why the undertones show as they do.

I started out using nothing but W&N pigments.  Then I tried Holbein, a few American Journey, Maimeri Blue and Daniel Smith.  Holbein were wonderful in application but don't care for the fact they don't really harden.  I don't like using fresh paint because I waste it - washing out most the brush picks up in the water pot.

Daniel Smith is extremely easy to re-activate with water from dry form and one reason I started using them over all the others.  Plus the results always seems more "in your face" standing out stronger than W&N.  After trying gouache, which I think has that same "feel" to it........maybe it's because DS possibly leans more opaque than transparent.  The company calls it semi-transparent but I do wonder if their pigments don't lean more to the opaque side of the scale.  The W&N may turn out cleaner results because they appear more transparent.  I'm not really sure except that my over all feel is that the DS pigments are more "flat" looking or opaque.

I may have to change out some of my pigments but there are still positives to the DS brand.  This will not be an easy choice............a lot depends on what I want to paint and the results I hope for.

One DS pigment I know I will keep using is the Cerulean Blue.  It's bluer than the W&N (leans towards greenish blue) and I love CerBl for skies.

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