Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Forgotten June Exercises - Watercolor

I keep a running contact sheet of all the work I do in each of my journal books.  As I was going through to make sure I had included all before printing out my contact sheet, I came across two that slipped by me in scanning.

These were done back in June.

This first one was just doodling with my brush and added a bit of pen and ink afterwards.  I still have a ways to go where pen and ink is concerned.  It always looks harsh to me.  Might be the nib size or might be the ink itself.......not sure (or it could just be me......lol).  Anytime I see pen and ink other people have done, I love it..........there must be an art to it as with any other medium.

This was an exercise I did but can't remember the exercise idea I got this from.  One of those occasions where I failed in my note taking!


Beads2yarn said...

LOVE the brush doodles.. Sooo pretty. If I could doodle like that I'd consider myself a full-fledge/ finally made it, artist..

Susan Bronsak said...

I do a LOT of doodles to include plain paper which I'm posting in a few minutes. Nothing fancy but I figure it's good practice. What was told to me years ago........if you set your mind to it, anything is possible with the right frame of mind and determination :-)

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