Thursday, July 26, 2012

Glastonbury Tor - UK

Back in 2010, my husband and I were invited to fly over and spend two weeks with one of my art friends and her family.  That was my third trip to the UK and Terry's first trip........each time staying with people I had become close to via the internet through an art forum we were all a part of.

I absolutely love their landscape............the castles, thatch cottages, estuaries, gardens, etc are all a sight to see!! 

Before landing and looking out over the grounds below, it reminds you of a patchwork quilt with how the property boundaries throughout the country side are lined with shrubs and trees.  We hope to make it back again in the near future.  My friend we stayed with in 2010 wants us (me) to stay a month next time and travel with them to Scotland.  I'd love that!!!

There are scores of photographs  I've been meaning to sit and sketch/paint from.  Tonight I traveled memory lane looking through the photographs and did this journal entry.  I could fill at least one whole journal with nothing but sights we saw while visiting the UK.

This is of Glastonbury Tor.  A castle that sits up high upon a hill.  It's quite a sight to see especially from the bottom looking up.

The guys had the energy to climb the long walkway to the castle while us gals stayed at the bottom walking around taking photographs.  

I will forever be grateful for those friends who made it possible for me/us to experience a little part of their world!!! 

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