Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hummingbird - Watercolor

Here's another attempt I've made in watercolor.  I'm still very unsure of myself when painting.  Particularly with the wing area.  I should probably sit and just practice nothing but watercolor hummingbirds until I feel more at ease  with the results.

This was painted in the Handbook.  Maybe using good quality watercolor paper might help make a difference in how I feel about the process and results.  Will have to experiment a bit.

This is from a photograph I took of this hummer sitting on a feeder rather than a twig.  I chose to change it a bit since I'd rather display with a natural setting like foliage.  Also, there were several other hummers flying around and this guy was looking up getting ready to zoom off after the intruders.  I love their antics and behavior!!!  A lot of fun to watch.

Here is the original photo..............a bit grainy as I had my settings on 1600 to freeze their wings.  First did a rough sketch with my pencil and then applied the watercolor.

(I'm definitely off on the wing and a bit off on his chest)  :-/


Joyce at Calico Paint said...

I love your idea of putting paint samples on your journal page. Found you through someone's pin on Pinterest and now I'm for following your blog. I really admire the way you work at perfecting your art. I look forward to seeing more.

Susan Bronsak said...

Joyce, thank you for your lovely comment. I truly appreciate it. Those color swatches help me to remember what I used........I used to go back through my journals and think......"now what did I use to get that color??" It also helps fill a journal page adding color ;-) lol.

Sandy Sandy said...


Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Sandy.........The results are definitely not as I love how you work yours!!!!

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