Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My BIG Accomplishment for the Day (So Far)

Ha ha ha.........kinda funny but at the same time shows you can use anything to draw and paint on in a pinch or on the fly.

I finally found a Noodler's Flex pen I purchased last year that got lost in the shuffle of the move.  I never have really played much with this pen.  Had trouble with the nib so just put it away.  Today I found a few video clips on the pen on how to make adjustments, filling, cleaning, etc. and thought I would try it again.

The closest paper handy was this little sticky note pad and I did a little doodling adding watercolor last.

Whoa-la...........my great accomplishment............lolol

Side Note........you should have seen my fingers as I tried to remember how to fill this thing.  You know what works great getting ink off your hands and fingers?  Mr. Clean magic rub sponge :-D


Joyce at Calico Paint said...

Will look forward to hearing how you like it. I have been thinking of getting one. Right now I am using a Lamy fine point, and like it pretty well. It's good with the Noodlers black ink that's waterproof.

Susan Bronsak said...

I'm having trouble understanding all the bits about pens and ink. So much out there it's confusing to me. I'd like to find an ink that is waterproof but not as harsh as black. Maybe a sepia. But I don't know anything about inks or what these pens will take. I'll have to look into the Lamy. So many people share about it. :-)

Stacy said...

A waterproof ink that is not as harsh as black is Noodler's Lexington Gray. I bought a big bottle of that ink on other people's recommendations and I like it. It's plenty waterproof in my experience. The degree of darkness of the line seems to depend on the nib and how thickly it puts down the ink.

Susan Bronsak said...

Stacy.......thank you for sharing that suggestion :-D

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