Friday, July 27, 2012

Painting the Blues

After a long evening of storms passing through and tending to terrified dogs (not to mention owner), I finally managed some painting tonight.  Nothing extravagant...........just playing with my blues on my palette.

My scanner didn't exactly scan these blues 100 % correctly but they are close.

I love the Phthalo Blue Green shade!!!!

I may have to pull out my Winsor & Newton pigments and do some comparisons.......especially Blues and Siennas.  

This is using The Langton 140lb Cold press.  I haven't used this paper in some time!!!


Sandy Sandy said...

Interesting exercise Susan! How many colors do you have on your palette?

Sandy Sandy said...

P.S. Glad you still have power and internet after the storms! :-D

Susan Bronsak said...

5 blues of which 3 I normally use.....2 are highly staining so I don't use them too often; 4 yellows where I normally stick with using 1 most often; 2 true reds; 2 reddish/violet; 2 greens; 3 earth tones and paynes gray I seldom use. Also have quin gold, and quin burnt sienna squeezed out on lid I don't use too often. My palette has 18 wells.

I'm working on my other colors today similar to this one with different subjects. Then I want to compare a few of my DS pigments side by side with W&N pigments.

As to the only went out for a short time and came back on, thank

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