Saturday, July 21, 2012

What's Your Favorite Palette?

Through the years I have tried various palettes from plastic to porcelain.  I have the Tom Lynch porcelain palette which I love as far as surface but is big and very heavy.  I found it got in my way so I stopped using it. 

One year at the Art of the Carolinas, I came across what was called at the time, the Homee Folding palette.  It goes by a different name now..........Mijello Leakproof Folding Palette.  Same thing (probably company name changed or bought out by another company).

Anyways..........this is my all-time favorite and great for traveling.  I have smaller folding pan sets with the 1/2 pans but I find them cumbersome to use with the little cakes of pigment. 

The one draw-back to my favorite palette is lack of mixing space or how confining the mixing areas happen to be.  For some people it might be plenty large enough but I need to spread out using a larger area for mixing.  I found having a nice sized rectangular piece of clear acrylic was great to mix on and used that for awhile.  But through time I got lazy and started using my table.  It's one of those heavy duty plastic folding tables and works great as a mixing area.  A LARGE mixing area, mind

I often wonder how many others out there might do the same thing?  Surely I'm not the only strange one who uses their work surface as a large palette mixing area :-)

 (This is nothing compared to how my table looks with wet and dried pigments........I just happened to have wiped it clean before starting this painting :)


Sandy Sandy said...

I do the same thing, Susan. I use the Robert E. Wood Palette, but inevitably end up using the tile board that I paint on. (A 4 x 8' sheet costs about $12. and can be cut into different sizes at the home supply store.) ☺

Susan Bronsak said...

I'm relieved to learn I'm not the only

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