Monday, September 17, 2012

Other Sketches While on Holiday

Here are several other sketches done while on our holiday at Rockport, Texas.

All completed in the Stillman & Birn Alpha series journal book (8.5 x 11")

This first one is a pencil sketch of what you could see sitting outside the front door of our cabin.  Some areas I went over with pen/ink.

These next three are watercolor sketches with pen/ink.

The first is a toy purchased for our two dogs that went with us on the of two of the same toys only one was larger than the other.  This one is the smaller of the two.  Within about two days, Miya had the rope portion detached from the body and the stuffing removed.  She fixed it to where it was "just right" for her to play with :-)

Next is a quick watercolor sketch of one corner of the living room inside the cabin.  The chair is primarily a green color but I had trouble mixing the proper color of this green.

Here are a couple of souvenirs we picked up at Port Aransas, Texas.

I loved the coconut made into a puffer fish so I decided to get that along with a basket of seashells for ourselves.

The little native dude to the left jumped out at me as I walked around trying to find something unique for two of my sons. 

My sons had picked up a really unique tiki candle as a gift to us when they went to The Outer Banks this summer.  Trying to find something unique for them in return, this just seemed to fit the bill nicely.

Neal plans to use his for storing his guitar picks and Travis will probably use his for coins or little odds and ends.


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