Friday, September 21, 2012

Trying Out New Pens

Upon returning home from our holiday, I had a package waiting on me where I had ordered a few new pens.

Pens received were:  Pilot Prera, Lamy Safari, and The Platinum Carbon

These sketches are just some quickies as I try two of the three pens out..........the Pilot Prera and the Lamy Safari.  Both using ink cartridges that came with the pens.

Both are very fine-lined.  The Prera seemed to move smoothly across the paper whereas the Lamy felt a bit scratchy.  Both flowed beautifully though except when hatching and cross hatching.  The ink skipped a bit when trying to fill in areas with ink.  Might be just me in how I'm applying the ink to paper.  Will have to practice a bit more before I can really say for sure if pen or person was causing the skipping.

Close-up of the bottom sketch above.  This caught my eye due to the unevenness of the block and concrete the picnic table was made of. 

One of the rest areas we stopped at to walk Miya and Yorshi.

One of the things I like to do on trips is taking pictures from the car as we drive along looking out over the country.  I love taking pictures of old barns, run down houses, etc. 

This sketch actually makes the building look in better shape than reality.



Vicky Williamson said...

Great sketches! I like to take photos from the car as we travel too.
Sometimes Lamy Safari pen nibs need a breaking-in period for the nib to actually wear down to fit your own handwriting. When I had one that was a bit scratchy, I just used it all the time --- writing checks, doing crosswords, etc. --- until it adjusted and wrote smoothly.
Enjoy playing with your new toys!

Susan Bronsak said...

Vicky......thank you so much for the tip on the Lamy. :-)

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