Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday Preparation Soon to Begin

Newest graphite sketch...............

Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbook

Derwent HB pencil

My granddaughters were playing with my little wooden manikin yesterday and my wanting to sketch something, I chose to sketch this guy in the pose they left him in.

As I was working the manikin, I wasn't sure what to do with him.  Somehow I wanted to make a complete scene but was lost at first in what that might be.

Then it came to me as I reached the legs what I could do..............make him look like he's standing behind a table so I lightly sketched that in.

Next I had to decide what to do with his arms and hands as they were positioned.  So not to have to erase what I'd already sketched ......... I decided on something like a rope might fit well.

Thanksgiving evening I normally pull out our Christmas tree so my thoughts were with my sketch as well as what I'd be doing this evening.  That's when the rest of the sketch came together.  Decided to add a hat that would denote the holiday season that begins tonight and then the tree that would go with what might pass as garland for the tree. 

The manikin to me looks like he's standing there holding the garland asking if the viewer thinks it will be long enough to put on the tree :-))

Side Note:   I didn't  put in legs or feet as I wasn't sure with the angle I put the table in how to do it without it looking funny.  I tried a few light sketches of feet and it was a no go............So he's bottomless.  The angle of the table is like I'm above looking down so honestly wonder if any of his legs or feet would show anyways.


Sandy Sandy said...

Creative sketch that really tells a story. :-D

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Sandy!! And you know........thanks to you, I've developed the habit of first lightly sketching with the side of the lead (if not using a mechanical pencil). Truly helps me working this way. Then going back and refining everything. :-))

Sandy Sandy said...

Very good!

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