Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Main Fountain Pens

These are my four main fountain pens out of five I have on hand.

Didn't include the Noodler's Konrad as I'm not all that keen on it although it might come in handy for writing in general.  The nib is too thick for my liking with regards to sketching.

The Pilot Prera is definitely my favorite with the F nib.  One filled with a water soluble ink (Namiki Black) and the other with Lexington Gray.  This gray (to me) is a nice subtle dark gray I find works nicely with watercolor.  Not real stark where it stands out competing with the color later applied.

The Noodler's Flex (original) was my first fountain pen.  I enjoyed using it but didn't quite like the ink I put in..........too dark (Noodler's Black).  Once the cartridge is empty, I plan to fill it with either the Namiki Black or the Lexington Gray.  The nib is not as fine as the Prera......putting down thicker lines.

Now the Lamy I haven't done much with as of yet.  It has the original blue ink cartridge that came with the pen.  That too will be filled with another ink once the cart is empty.........just haven't decided which ink I'll use in it.

Winsor & Newton pigments used - Winsor Lemon, Winsor Blue (Red) (both Prera pens using these two pigments - one leaning more towards the yellow and the other more towards the blue), and Permanent Alizarin Crimson.  The lamy was done first with the water soluble ink washing it out and then going back over with some Paynes Gray.

#8 Round for all but the Lamy pen.  Used a 3/8" Angular Flat for the Lamy since I worked the ink into a wash and later applying some watercolor.

Stillman & Birn Epsilon series sketchbook

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