Thursday, July 10, 2014

Getting Close to Finishing the Alpha Journal

The next journal close to being finished off is my 4 x 6 Alpha Journal.  There are 16 remaining single pages but some of those I might make into two-page spreads.  Not quite sure yet.  Being so close, I will probably concentrate on finishing this journal book over the next couple of weeks. 

Although over the next two to three weeks, we will be working hard on preparing for Trip #2 of our move to Florida.  It's been a long drawn out experience moving two different households.  We will have one more trip after this next load with what we can't fit in the truck this time around.  Makes it hard when you can't get a large moving van up this hill.  Hopefully this will soon be behind least until the next

This page was painted first in watercolor and then detailed with pen and ink.

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