Monday, October 27, 2014

No Pencil Sketch Practice

Even after the numerous exercises I've done in the past, to include the 75 Day Challenge involving pen and ink, I still find myself a bit skittish using ink only (no pre-sketching in pencil).  Here are two pages done practicing again using no pencil.  This is something I need to do now and then to help build confidence I still lack.

This first page is using water soluble Namiki Black ink in the Pilot Prera.  Went back and took a waterbrush to the lines to give the illustrations some tone and depth.  The generic sketchbook paper seems to soak a bit of the ink in so I didn't get the nice bleed I know I can achieve on other paper.  To help compensate for that, I mixed little pools of ink with a bit of water using a brush and filling in.

Preparing myself to attempt going out and sketching people I see, I worked each illustration rather quickly.  Some were done with brush and watercolor laying in or blocking in shapes with color and then going back with pen and ink for detailing.  Some were done quickly with the pen and ink first and then color applied last.  My "models" are from photos for this practice.

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