Monday, May 18, 2015

May 11 thru May 15 Journal Pages

It's been a busy week unpacking boxes, sorting what to keep and what to donate, and then finding a place for what we decide to keep.

We didn't unpack a great deal from trip #2 simply because we didn't have all of our furniture like cabinets and shelves.  The first load was primarily my middle and youngest sons' belongings most of which have gone into storage.

Now we're going through every box and tote from all trips making decisions of what we really want or need to keep and what goes........starting with what's physically here at the house (later we'll tackle the storage unit).  And we did this prior to packing before we started this move but finding now we can still let loose of quite a bit more.

What's funny............a large number of items packed in totes and boxes happens to be books and art materials/supplies.  Go figure.........LOL

Come evenings as I relax and during needed breaks, I have still managed to do some sketching and painting.  Here are the pages I've completed.

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