Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day Out Sketching on Location

For many people, this is a normal occurrence but for me has taken a long time gaining the courage to do this.

A good friend came to pick me up this morning showing me various areas near where we live and then went to a place called Mount Dora, FL.  I've lived here almost a year and still do not know my way around or what's actually around me.........which I'm learning is quite a bit.

On Sundays, Mount Dora has a farmers market set up near the edge of one of many lakes in the county we live in.  I set up under a pavilion overlooking the lake and sketched this lighthouse across from where I was standing.

This was my opportunity too to use a messenger bag I had purchased months ago to carry my gear in.  It worked beautifully and so glad I chose this particular one.  It's small but holds all I could possibly need sketching and/or painting in watercolor.

The cardboard you see is from the back of a watercolor block.  It's thick and strong acting as the perfect portable table (I'll have to take a picture of how I used it and share in a later post).  Lee Kline (who I went out sketching with) shared this idea with me.  Although it sticks out of the bag as shown, it didn't get in my way at all.

Getting back to the sketching, I stood and first worked a quick pencil sketch.  Then using my TWSBI mini fountain pen and Lexington Gray ink, I went back over the sketch.  By that time Lee was finished with his sketching and painting and I waited to paint after returning home.

This was worked in the Strathmore Visual Journal (Watercolor) and mixed brands of watercolor I have set up in a Neocolors II tin case.  I chose my favorite pigments from W&N, Daniel Smith, and QoR watercolors.

This page is special to me because of what it represents for me personally and the wonderful time I had sketching with Lee.  I can't wait to do this again!!!


CC said...

I'm so proud of you and glad you had fun! Great sketch too!

Susan Bronsak said...

You are so kind and supportive. A huge inspiration for me. Thank you :-)

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