Saturday, February 6, 2016

Back to Facial Feature Practice

Although Travis wasn't thrilled at having his picture taken, he allowed me to take a profile photo of him last night for me to practice from.

There is definite room for improvement but overall I really think it looks like him.  The chin should be protruding out a bit more than I have it and a few other slight tweaks (like the eyebrow area) I could do.  But I've decided to leave it as is for my personal learning example.

Even with what I personally see as areas to be improved upon, I am rather thrilled by the results.

Maybe after I feel more comfortable with faces, I won't feel so intimidated when working people into sketches, feeling the need to leave them faceless.  But then again, those figures are so small that it would be difficult to do anything except suggest features anyways.  At least my goal is to eliminate or face that fear factor I experience working with people.

This was worked in the handbook with a rougher surface.  Although blending wasn't as nice as I'd achieve on the Zeta paper surface, this roughness to me gives an interesting look and feel to the finished results.

2H, 2B, and 6B pencils

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