Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Journal - Handmade Journal

Today hubby and I decided to go sight seeing, checking out Carney Island Recreation and Conservation park and Silver Glen Springs in the Ocala National Forest.

Although I took my painting gear with me, I ended up only taking photos.

Carney Island didn't really intrigue us enough to hang around long so we took a few photos and headed for our next destination.

Now Silver Glen Springs was really nice and we did walk around until my hip started rebelling.  Plus Terry and I both found we were magnets for ticks.  Ticks we'd never seen before.  These were little brown ticks with a white spot on the middle of their backs.  I HATE TICKS and had enough and we decided to leave.  Next time we'll think to bring a spray hoping to keep them at bay.

Anyways........when we returned home, I had a package waiting for me and it was this new journal I wanted to try.

It's from Global Art Materials - Journal Co.

When I first opened it, my excitement quickly faded as I was taken back by the texture of the paper.  In a video I had seen with an artist using this same journal, it did NOT look as rough as the one I received.  Plus the signatures are really loose inside the casing.  I honestly wonder if the book will hold up from first to last page of use.  For hours I debated whether I'd keep the book or not as it wasn't exactly cheap and I wasn't feeling real thrilled with my purchase.

Later this evening, I decided why not keep it and see how I do with the paper.  I'd never know unless I tried.  And if the book falls apart.............well it falls apart and I'll just deal with it.  Because I've made my own, I might be able to re-sew the signatures should they get too bad.  I do like the hard book casing and love the deckle edges :-)

UPDATE 04/26/16 on Journal Book: didn't take long before it fell apart.  Working on a third page and this is what I have to fix now.......

For my first go at using this journal and using a Platinum Carbon Desk pen, I worked a quick sketch of what I could remember of a scene from Carney Island.  I won't know how well my memory served me until I upload my photos but this evening I didn't feel like messing with them.

I found although the paper was rough, my pen handled it quite well.  The paper is a bit like a sponge so very light work with the pen still ended up with dark lines.  It was actually kind of fun lightly floating the pen nib across the paper.

Next was the application of paint.  I decided to work wet in wet and I used my good #8 Sable brush.  I am glad I decided to try this paper because I honestly enjoyed it.  The paper stays wet for quite awhile working wet in wet.  It was actually a nice change working on rough paper compared to the  smoother paper surfaces I've been using for so long.

Here are the results of my watercolor sketch I quickly worked this evening.  I was a bit timid with color as I didn't know what to expect.  I could go back to add deeper values but I think I'll just leave it as is.

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