Sunday, April 17, 2016

Darsie Beck Field Easel Art Bag - UPDATE

What I have done to make this bag even more convenient for myself.  Here is the original post when I first received the bag........

Here is how I've set it up.......(click on each for a larger size image)

1)  The strap by itself has ribbed material that I felt was too uncomfortable around my neck and shoulder.  I purchased the strap wrap through Amazon which has made a huge difference in comfort.

2)  Cut the backing from a watercolor block down in size to fit in the back pocket and added four bull clips.......two medium and two large.  Later picture will show what I use them for.

3)  Another angle of bag with sketching gear.

4)  Inside has my 5 x 7 sketch journal, wallet, tool pouch you attach to strap with velcro (comes that way), and painting palette I created using a NeoColor II tin.

5)  Also purchased this Cacoon Grid it Organizer from Amazon.  I have that for additional sketching tools but primary reason I bought it was to add stability to the bag itself for when I use the easel.  This goes into the under flap zippered compartment.

6)  That compartment zipped closed.  Partially showing on either side of the bag is a tiny flask with water (left as you view this) and camera and keys attached on the other side.  In mesh pockets are tissues and folded paper towel plus the top cut off of a sock to wear on my wrist to wipe my waterbrush on between colors.

7)  This shows what I use that watercolor block backing cut down I have clips attached to.  This gives me added room making easel area wider.  I slip the backing board inside the back cover of my journal; the two larger clips holding journal, backing board to easel flap of bag, and then the medium clips holding my palette in place.

8)  My husband modeling for me :-)


lee kline said...

Ready for sketchin'

Wendy Nelson said...

Thanks for sharing the details of your customization of this bag - it looks great! Could you list the dimensions of the board (that was a WC paper backing board) that you clip your sketchbook and palette to?
Thanks, Wendy

Susan Bronsak said...

Hi Wendy............the board is from the back of an Arches 9 x 12 watercolor block. I cut it to be just a smidgen below 7.5" x 12. The width cut enough to slide in that back pocket without causing stress to the stitching. Hope that helps :-)

Lee Ann Donaldson said...

Hello. Thank you so much for this and your previous review. I've pretty much decided that I need this bag. Anyway, I was wondering what size Cacoon Grid it Organizer you ordered from Amazon? What a great idea!

Susan Bronsak said...

Lee Ann...........I believe this is the one:


DefeatedStar446 said...

Hi there,

I was just wondering if you still use this bag? How has it held up over the year? I'm looking at purchasing one but I live in New Zealand and so I want to make sure it is worth the money :)



Susan Bronsak said...

Laura...........I wish I could give you a good answer to that. Mine is still like new. I've taken it out with me several times but I have different bag set-ups depending on what size journal I want to take out with me. I tend to grab a smaller one because of the weight when full. If I carry a medium size journal or sketchbook (like a 5 x 7) I'd take the Darsie. Most of the time when I go out, I'm using a 3.5 x 5.5 size so the Darsie is bigger than I need. The bigger a bag is the more I feel I have to shove in it and my shoulder rebels.........LOL

No strings are pulling and the canvas material on my bag has no worn spots. Zippers are still in great shape. Even the handle (not the shoulder strap) is in great stress signs from the weight I tend to pack in my bag. If I were to use this everyday or each time I go out, I'm not sure. To me these bags are made of good quality or at least were back when I purchased mine. Hopefully they are still the same today.

Wish I could have been more help to you on this.

DefeatedStar446 said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for sharing with me. I decided to go ahead with my purchase. It seems to fit the bill precisely to what I need. Time will tell if it holds up well, but even if it doesn't I can always repair bits and pieces if need be. I purchased the grey one. I think I will add my logo patch to the front of it too. I'll probably get the cocoon grid it organiser later on but for now I'll probably just add a bit of perspex (plexiglass to Americans). Thanks for the info about sketchbook sizes too. I'll probably use it with my A5 sketchbook... possibly also with my small watercolour blocks.

Thanks again!

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