Friday, April 21, 2017

Sketchcrawl April 14, 2017 - St James Episcopal Churche

It's been a busy two weeks.  First we had family on vacation here from April 9th through the 15th.  Had a birthday party for my eldest granddaughter on the 9th, Universal Studios on the 10th, Lake County Carnival on the 11th, days spent at the Holiday RV Resort swimming and visiting, and a sketchcrawl on the 14th.

The weekend was kind of a low with everyone leaving but then Tuesday another sketchcrawl at Downtown Leesburg, today a sketchcrawl at Venetian Gardens and we have another in the morning in The Villages.  Think I'll be ready for a few days of doing absolutely nothing :-)

When the two granddaughters accompanied me on the 14th sketchcrawl, I gave them each an accordion fold journal I had made and they worked pencil sketches in their journals (I'm upset too because I forgot to scan their efforts to share here).  :-(   I started a sketch of a section of the Church but spent most of my time helping the youngest granddaughter.  Tonight I'm finally getting around to finishing it.

#2 Hand Sewn Journal with Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper and Pilot Prera with Lexington Gray ink.

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